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    MISG Lantau 50 Promises to be a Tough and Technical Course

    Thursday, 30 November 2017 21:14


    Monday, 11 September 2017 23:48
  • Zao celebrates victory of Yoshizumi and Miyahara in Asian Skyrunning Championships 日本本土名將Toru Miyahara及Yuri Yoshizumi衛冕Zao Skyrunning 垂直千米競速賽男女冠軍

    Zao celebrates victory of Yoshizumi and Miyahara in Asian Skyrunning Championships 日本本土名將Toru...

    Sunday, 10 September 2017 22:58
  • Zao Asian Skyrunning Championship – VK and Skyrace

    Zao Asian Skyrunning Championship – VK and Skyrace

    Friday, 08 September 2017 22:02
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    賽場常客日本首秀 享受山野間奔跑的狂野和放縱

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    法國頂尖跑手Martin與Chaverot 攬獲2016年亞洲Skyrunning冠軍賽男女總冠軍

    Sunday, 04 December 2016 22:10
  • 女子冠軍Yoshizumi Yuri打破紀錄  日本猛將Miyahara Toru勇奪「亞洲Skyrunning冠軍賽暨 MSIG大嶼山VK」總冠軍

    女子冠軍Yoshizumi Yuri打破紀錄 日本猛將Miyahara Toru勇奪「亞洲Skyrunning冠軍賽暨 MSIG大嶼山VK」總冠軍

    Saturday, 03 December 2016 02:30

Asian Skyrunning Continetal Series

Zao Mountains, Japan, debut as world class field for Skyrunning

142 Skyrunners enjoyed running through rocky ridges connecting Mt. Jizo, Mt. Kumano, and crater lake "Okama". September 10, Sunday, was the second day of Zao Skyrunning, Asian Skyrunning Championships 2017. 15 runners from foreign countries and dozens of elite runners in Japan meet up in the village of Zao Onsen to run Zao Skyrace 28k, 28km in distance with 2,300mD+ vertical gain. As a result of fierce competition in stacked fields, Japan's Ruy Ueda and Takako Takamura relish their victories in male and female race respectively. Although most of spots on podium are taken by hosting country Japan, South Korea's Sooji Park claimed her Bronze medal finally. Asian Championships will turn to Hong Kong in December, for Sky Ultra discipline.

Like Saturday, it was fine, sunny on Sunday in Zao. Zao Skyrace 28k starts with eight kilometer long and gradually inclining ski slope with 1,000mD+ vertical gain. Then runners run rocky terrain around Mt. Jizo (1758m), Mt. Kumano (1841m) and ridge along crater lake. Only runners qualified by finishing designated races can register this demanding Zao Skyrace 28k. Group of six male runners lead the race in early kilometers. After long downhill in the middle, Ruy Ueda and Satoshi Kato were chasing head to head at 15km point. On the ascent back to Mt. Jizo, Ueda started to push harder, and hs lead to Kato was 3 minutes and 45 seconds at 21km point. Kato tried to catch Ueda in the last seven kilometer downhill, but Ruy Ueda held decent lead to the end. Ueda finished at Zao Onsen in 2 hours 42 minutes and 41 seconds, and won Asian Championships. Runner-up was Satoshi Kato, 1 minute and 48 seconds behind.

Male champion Ruy Ueda runs, looking down crater lake. Photo © Sho Fujimaki / ZAO Skyrunning

Ueda, who came back from Chamonix lastweek, says "It was not easy race for me, just a week after racing OCC 56km. However, Zao is the most important event this year in Japan. I am happy to stand on podium as a result of all effort". Yoshihito Kondo takes third place today.

No woman can not challenge female Asian Skyrunning Champion, Takako Takamura, today. She kept calm and quiet for whole 28km in mountains, and finished at Zao Onsen in 3 hours 15 minutes and 15 seconds. This summer, Takamura was successful with her third place in Skyrace Comapedrosa, a race of Skyrunner World Series. She says, "Zao was my key event of the year, as well as Comapedrosa.

Takako Takamura leads women's race toward her win. Photo © Sho Fujimaki / ZAO Skyrunning

All my experience there helped me to push hard today". Yukari Hoshino, the champion of Skyrunning Japan Championships, Utsukushigahara 80k, in July, is the runner-up today with 3 hours 44 minutes and 50 seconds. The third place winner was Sooji Park from South Korea. She is the only and honorable athlete who takes spot on podium in this
Asian Championships from other than Japan.

The results of other international athletes follows. In men's race, 18th was Marcelino Palitog Sana-oy (PHI), 28th Chou Ching (TWN), 39th Heeseong Noh (KOR). In women's race, 7th was Yin-Hung Tsang (CHN-HK), 10th Eunhye Jung (KOR), 11th Yeji Jeong (KOR).

Still in recovery state after summit Mt. Everest, Ada Yin-Hung Tsang from China National Team finished the race strong and ranked overall female 7th at 28km Zao Skyrace on Sept 10 in Japan. She will also join MSIG Lantau 50 - Skyrunning Asian Championship Ultra Skymarathon on Dec 3.  "I could feel my body warming up at the first half of the race and after a technical uphill and reaching the top, running pass by Five Color Pond / crater lake, I started to pick up the speed and pass some runners," she said. Shocked by Japan Skyrunners' speed on uphill, she shared: "The uphill trails in Japan are mainly natural rocky trails and in comparison we are more used to Hong Kong's steps. Seeing Japanese runners running non-stop on the natural hills motivates me to train more and focus more on my calves' muscles."  

                      Ada, Yin-Hung Tsang from China National Team ranked overall female 7th at Zao Skyrace

Michael Maddes, director of China Skyrunning Association, looked back this weekend. "Zao Skyrunning showed us amazing mountains to run in Japan, and all the hospitality of organization team and local volunteers made this event great." he said.

2017 Asian Skyrunning Championships will move on to Hong Kong for final leg, and MSIG Lantau 50 is going to be the Championship of Sky Ultra category on December 3rd.

Result, Asian Skyrunning Championships 2017 - Zao Skyrace 28k

1. Ruy Ueda (JPN) 2:42:41
2. Satoshi Kato (JPN) 2:44:29
3. Yoshihito Kondo (JPN) 2:50:45
4. Yuichi Miura (JPN) 2:50:57
5. Yamato Yoshino (JPN) 2:51:17

1. Takako Takamura (JPN) 3:15:15
2. Yukari Hoshino (JPN) 3:44:50
3. Sooji Park (KOR) 3:49:46
4. Sayuri Orito (JPN) 3:58:49
5. Eri Kuwabara (JPN) 4:01:44

Asian Championships

September 9 – Zao Vertical Race, Yamagata, Japan

September 10 – Zao SkyRace®, Yamagata, Japan

December 3 – MSIG Lantau 50, Hong Kong


Zao celebrates victory of Yoshizumi and Miyahara in Asian Skyrunning Championships

After weeklong cloudy and rainy days, Zao mountains welcomes national delegates from four Asian countries. On Saturday September 9th, the 2nd edition of Zao Skyrunning kicked off at Zao Onsen, mountain resort with historic hot springs in Yamagata, Japan. The first day 107 runners toed line for 4.8km with 900m vertical ascent at Zao Vertical Race, Vertical Kilometer discipline of Asian Skyrunning Championships.

In competition, locals favorite Toru Miyahara and Yuri Yoshizumi both defended Asian Skyrunning Championship VK champion title (Toru Miyahara and Yuri Yoshizumi previously won 2016 MSIG Lantau VK - 2016 Asian Skyrunning Championship). Yoshizumi's remarkable record shaved two minutes off from her own of last year’s Zao VK race. These two winners awarded with JPY 100 thousand each.

As Asian Champs of 2017, 14 athletes of three national teams (South Korea, China, Philippine) and Japan's 9 athletes meet up at here, as well as many runners for open races. In total, number of participants amount to 699, including 36 from eight countries as well as Japan. In the opening ceremony, Takahiro Sato, Mayor of Yamagata, said "Zao is one of the most famous hot spring in Japan, and is at the gate for its beauty of nature and outdoor sports. We wish you all to enjoy the race, and our favorite mountains and local foods".

Runners from all across Asia gathering at the finish line of Zao Skyrunning VK race

The course of Zao Vertical Race starts at center of Zao Onsen, ascends 900m in altitude within 4.8 km in distance, and finishes at the summit of Mt. Zizo via Mt. Torikabuto. The last kilometer to finish are difficult with steep 30+ degrees sky slope and some technical rocky terrain. In the women's race, Yuri Yoshizumi takes her second straight win with 44 minutes and 41 seconds, that beats her own course record last year by 2 minutes and 13 seconds. The champion of Skyrunner Japan Series 2016, winnner of Transvulcania VK and classic Fuji Mountain Race said "It was demanding course for me, especially just a week after OCC in Mont-Blanc. Extremely happy to outrun myself who run here one year ago" with big smile. Japan's Mina Ogawa is runner-up with 48 minutes with 43 seconds, four minutes behind Yoshizumi. Yukari Hoshino takes 3rd place.

In the men's field, Toru Miyahara, Goki Nagasato, and Takashi Shinushigome from Japan dominated podium as well. Miyahara is the champion of 2016 Japan series, winner of US's prestigious Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon, and holds the course record of Fuki Mountain Race. He also takes straight second win in Zao in 37 minutes and 34 seconds. Nagasato finished in the second place, just one minute and 52 seconds to Miyahara. Shinushigome came
in the third to the finish line. Miyahara looked back his run today and said "I had been focused to Zao this summer and was rewarded enough today. Remarkable is performance of athletes younger than me”.

Issac Yuen Yunho from Hong Kong, China National Team also participated at the VK race. “The course was very technical with natural rocky trails. As a Vertical Kilometer race, the uphill was particularly steep but the view was stunning,” he shared after finish.

Another China National Team member, Yang Junhua expressed his excitement after the training run in Toyko. "I will treat the Zao VK race as my warm up and I feel ready for the Asian Skyrunning Championship. This is also my first time joining oversea race and I got my passport for this race," he said. Unfortunately, he received some bad news from his family the night he arrived in Zao and had to go back home immediately missing the chance to participate this year.


Result, Asian Skyrunning Championships 2017 - Vertical Kilometer

1. Toru Miyahara (JPN) 0:37:34
2. Goki Nagasato (JPN) 0:39:26
3. Takashi Shinushigome (JPN) 0:40:32
4. Ryunosuke Ohmi (JPN) 0:40:48
5. Hayato Yanagisawa (JPN) 0:41:40

1. Yuri Yoshizumi (JPN) 0:44:41
2. Mina Ogawa (JPN) 0:48:43
3. Yukari Hoshino (JPN) 0:54:12
4. Sora Takizawa (JPN) 1:01:04
5. Kishiko Suto (JPN) 1:02:25

日本本土名將Toru Miyahara及Yuri Yoshizumi衛冕Zao Skyrunning 垂直千米競速賽男女冠軍


日本本土名將Toru Miyahara (0:37:34) 及Yuri Yoshizumi (0:37:34) 衛冕Zao Skyrunning 垂直千米競速賽男女冠軍,值得一提的是,這兩位日本名將也曾於香港大嶼山舉辦的2016亞洲Skyrunning冠軍賽-垂直千米競速賽奪冠 (2016 MSIG Lantau VK)

來自中國香港的中國代表隊成員袁允灝 (Issac)參加了本次垂直千米競速賽。他完賽後表示:“跑道十分具有技術性,不少部分都由天然碎石小徑組成。作為垂直千米賽,跑道幾乎全由30度以上陡坡組成。風景也十分迷人。”

來自中國香港的中國代表隊成員袁允灝(Issac)於Zao Skyrunning VK比賽終點

另一位中國代表隊成員,來自中國內地的楊軍華第一次參加海外賽事,賽前有十足的把握,對Zao Skyrunning比賽非常期待,9月8日於東京練跑時表示:“我來到這裡當然兩場比賽都要參加。我會視垂直千里競速賽作為第二天的熱身賽。為了此次比賽我特意辦了護照,這也是我第一次來出國參賽。” 可惜的是,到達藏王山的當晚楊軍華因家庭緣故,連夜趕回了家鄉,無法參加是次比賽,十分遺憾。

Result, Asian Skyrunning Championships 2017 - Vertical Kilometer

1. Toru Miyahara (JPN) 0:37:34
2. Goki Nagasato (JPN) 0:39:26
3. Takashi Shinushigome (JPN) 0:40:32
4. Ryunosuke Ohmi (JPN) 0:40:48
5. Hayato Yanagisawa (JPN) 0:41:40

1. Yuri Yoshizumi (JPN) 0:44:41
2. Mina Ogawa (JPN) 0:48:43
3. Yukari Hoshino (JPN) 0:54:12
4. Sora Takizawa (JPN) 1:01:04
5. Kishiko Suto (JPN) 1:02:25



 Zao Asian Skyrunning Championship – VK and Skyrace

- Skyunners from the world will test their limits in Zao mountain range

             China National Team together with Philippines National Team at Zao Skyrunning Press Conference
    China Team - President of China Skyrunning Association Michael Maddess (1st left) Tsang Yinhung (2nd left),
                        Ran Qiong (3rd left), Yang Junhua (4th left) and Issac Yuen Wanho (5th left)

International athletes from Asia get together to enjoy their beloved mountain sport in Zao Onsen, famous resort village with hot springs in northeast Japan. Skyrunning was born in Europe, and it is growing rapidly and globally, even here in Japan. The more runners run in remote and high mountains, the more Japanese athletes show their capabilities in international events.

ZAO Skyrunning is the first Skyrunning event in Japan, entitled as Asian Championships by International Skyrunning Association (ISF). National teams from China, Korea, Philippines, and Japan will run the races with prize money of 980 thousand JPY in total.

Both Zao Vertical Race and Zao Skyrace 28k will meet international standards of Skyrunning, and are for experienced athletes. In addition, ZAO Skyrunning will have races less technical but with magnificent view from mountains, as well as junior and youth races. For those next generations, this event is to experience the sport. Zao will the festival of Skyrunning in Asia this weekend, with help of more than 120 local volunteers.

China Team - Ran Qiong, Yang Junhua, Yuen Wanho and Tsang Yinhung - arrived in Japan and had a morning training run by Tokyo Imperial Palace in Tokyo on September 8 before heading to Zao. Yang Junhua and Yuen Wanho will compete in both the VK race on September 9 (Saturday) and the Zao Skyrace on September 10 (Sunday), while Ran Qiong and Tsang Yinhung will battle it out with elite Skyrunners at the Zao Skyrace.

Training run in Tokyo - Ran Qiong(left) Yang Junhua (right)


Skyrunner® Series


2016 中國SKYRUNNER®系列賽程

Race 1 – Feb 20 – MSIG Sai Kung 50 – Hong Kong – (Ultra) 第一站 220– MSIG 西貢 50 –香港

Race 2 – Apr 23–24 – Dalian 50 – Dalian – (Ultra) 第二站 423– 424大連 50 – 大連

Race 3 – Apr 30 – Yading, Sichuan – (Sky) 第三站430 亞丁四川 (World Series Event)

Race 4 – May 21 – Tianmu–7 50 – Zhejiang – (Ultra)第四站 521天目山七尖越野賽–7 50 – 浙江http://www.tianmu–

Race 5 – June 26 – Dali – Yunnan – (Ultra) 点苍越七峰—2016凯乐石大理苍山七峰越野挑战赛 06月26大理50

Race 6 – Sept 3/4 Wugong shan trail 32k/52k – Jiangxi – (Sky/Ultra) 第五站93/4武功山越野賽江西

Race 7 – Oct 2 – Lantau 2 Peaks – Hong Kong – (Sky) 102大嶼山雙峰賽香港

Race 8 – Oct 22 – Peak of Jiangnan Ultra Trail – Zhejiang (Sky / Ultra) 第九站1022– Peak of Jiangnan Ultra Trail – 浙江

Race 9 – Oct 23 – Hong Kong 50 – Hong Kong – (Ultra) 1023香港島50 – 香港

Race 10 – Nov 5 – Ultra tour Mt. Siguniang Sichuan – Sichuan – (Sky / Ultra) 第十一站 115四姑娘山超級越野跑四川

Race 11 – Nov 12 – Taiwan 50 – Taiwan – (Ultra) 第十二站 1112台灣50 –台灣

Race 12 – Dec 2/4 – Lantau 50 – Hong Kong – (VK / Sky / Ultra) 第十三站122– 124大嶼山50 – 香港



2015 中國SKYRUNNER®系列賽程

Race 1 – Feb 7 - MSIG Sai Kung 50 – Hong Kong 第一站 27 – MSIG 西貢 50 –香港
Race 2 – Apr 18-19 - Dalian 50 – Dalian 第二站 4 18- 419大連 50 – 大連
Race 3 – May 16 - TIANMU7 50K - Zhejiang 第三站 516杭州 50 – 浙江             

Race 4 – 
Oct 30-Nov 1 – Dali 50 第四站1030- 111– 大理 50
Race 5 – 
Nov 8 – Hong Kong 50 第五站 118香港 50
Race 6 – Nov 14 – Taiwan 50 第六站1114台灣 50
Race 7 – Dec 6 – Lantau50 – Hong Kong 第七站126大嶼山 50 – 


July 19Dolomites SkyRace® - 22 km, Canazei - Italy
August 22 - Matterhorn Ultraks 46K - Zermatt - Switzerland
September 5 - The Rut 25K - Big Sky Montana - USA
October 4 - Lantau 2 Peaks - 21 km, Hong Kong - China
October 17Skyrunning Extreme - 23 km, Limone sul Garda - Italy

Vertical Circuit - Race Schedule
China World Summit Wing Hotel Vertical Run, 5 September 2015 -
Chongqing Vertical Run: 27 September 2015 -
SHKP Vertical Run for Charity - Race to Shanghai IFC: 25 October 2015 -
SHKP Vertical Run for Charity - Race to HK ICC: 6 December 2015 -

Sept 3/4 2016 - Wugong Ultra Trail (Ultra Skymarathon)




点苍越七峰—2016凯乐石大理苍山七峰越野挑战赛 - DALI 50 RACE JUNE 26 2016 - GOING OVER 4000M ELEVATION





Salomon 越野跑精英训练营
訓練營最優秀跑手將與Salomon國際團隊共同參加SKY RUNNING 世界冠軍賽
5月 7大城市資格賽(北京 成都 杭州 南京 上海 沈陽 武漢)
6月5日-8日 精英訓練營(法國霞慕尼)
精英訓練營參加人員:Salomon 國際運動團隊 資格賽男女冠軍 特邀越野跑選手



Salomon越野跑精英训练营6月5日到8日在杭州举 办。参加者是来自北京、上海、南京、沈阳、成都、武汉和杭州7大城市越野跑冠军赛暨本次训练营资格赛的男、女子冠军,以及Salomon在各赛区跑者社区 的负责人。总教练是来自法国的Gregory Vollet,他被誉为越野跑“教父”,是Salomon国际运动团队掌门人,也是发现K天王的伯乐(K天王,Kilian jornet,越野跑领域的众神之神)。助教是俄罗斯越野跑女将Zhanna Vokueva,她2011年曾荣获希腊奥林匹亚马拉松女子冠军(作者注:曾听闻Zhanna是奥运冠军,检索一番发现她是Olympus Marathon冠军。该赛事在Dion神殿起跑,基本为非铺装赛道,途中需翻越2800米高山),后来成为Salomon国际运动团队成员,接连在多项 越野跑赛事中获得好成绩。

MSIG HK 50 SAI KUNG: American’s Gillman and Scallon take Hong Kong showpiece

The MSIG Sai Kung 50 a China Skyrunning race lived up to the hype with international athletes taking both the Men’s and Women’s titles. American Rudy Gilman who resides most of his time in Yunnan, China used his elevation training to his advantage and stole the show as he built a lead over some of the top trail runners in Asia like Hong Kong’s Stone Tsang Siu Keung and Australian trail supremo and Inov8 runner Brendan Davies. From the UK, Stu Air put in a respectable performance grabbing 8th in 5 hours 48 minutes with a little more than 24 hrs to acclimatize to 95% humidity before the race and seemed to have a constant smile on his face while others looked like they were in pain. More

Australians Walsham and Bourne are VWC World Champions

Suzy Walsham, race winner and 2013 Vertical World Champion receives her prize and trophy from Raymond Kwok, Event Chairman and Michel Holdara (ISF). ©Sporting Republic

Australians Suzy Walsham and Mark Bourne are crowned 2013 Vertical World Champions in the final of the seven-race circuit spanning three continents. “The Race to ICC – 100 – SHKP Vertical Run for the Chest” hosted the final on Hong Kong’s tallest tower, where the world’s top athletes competed, Sunday, December 1st, 2013. More

Italy's Carlini coming to Hong Kong to up the ante

Based in Italy and training with the Salomon Agisko team,  Allesandra Carlini had a great season with a 3rd place at the TDS at the Ultra Trail de Mont Blanc among other races and is now confirmed to come to Asia for her first time to enter the MSIG Sai Kung 50 on March 1st.

Michael, Maddess asked her some questions:

1.    Any idea on number of marathons you have run over the distance of 42k?

This is my fifth year running and I run more or less 15 races over the distance of 42km.More

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