About Us/關於我們

China Skyrunning Association is the non-profit organization promoting the sport of Skyrunning in Hong Kong and Mainland China.  The association is recognized by the International Skyrunning Federation (ISF) and is acknowledged as the official ISF member-organization.

About China Skyrunning Association

Founded in 2013, the China Skyrunning Association (CSA) is an associate member of the International Skyrunning Federation. Not only do we represent local events who participate as hosts of the national Skyrunning circuit but also local runners who want to participate in both national and international Skyrunning disciplines.


To promote and facilitate the growth of Skyrunning within Hong Kong and Mainland China.


Through ongoing and continued support of both event organisers and athletes who choose to become members of CSA, the association aims to provide the platform to both assist and govern the sport of Skyrunning in Hong Kong and Mainland China as well as to promote and make it accessible to both the local and international running markets.

Other Duties

  • Create national circuit and publish national calendar (minimum of 3 recognized events)

  • Select races to be included on the national circuit and final championships

  • Candidate a national race to be considered for Skyrunner® World Series race or trial

  • Create and maintain athlete database, including Skyrunner® results from national Skyrunning Championship

  • Select individuals or team to participate at the Skyrunner® World Series


China Skyrunning Association 是一個非牟利機構,並已獲International Skyrunning Federation (ISF) 認可為官方成員組織。我們主要目的是向中國大陸及香港推廣Skyrunning的運動。

關於China Skyrunning Association
China Skyrunning Association(CSA)成立於二零一三年,是 International Skyrunning Federation的附屬會員。除了代表那些作為主辨Skyrunning國家巡迴賽的本地賽事,CSA亦代表想參與國家性及國際性賽事之本地跑手。



透過給予對有興趣成為China Skyrunning Association成員的活動籌備組織及運動員之持續支持,我們亦致力提供平台來協助及管理香港及中國大陸之Skyrunning運動,從而推廣到本地及國際跑步市場。


•    創辦國家性巡迴賽事及公佈賽事年曆 (不少於3個認可賽事)
•    選拔國家性巡迴賽之賽事及總錦標賽
•    甄選每個國家性賽事,將獲考慮成為Skyrunner®世界系列賽事或試驗賽
•    創造及紀錄運動員資料庫,包括來自Skyrunning國際錦標賽之Skyrunner®賽果
•    選拔個別選手或隊伍,參與Skyrunner®世界系列賽事