Italy's Carlini coming to Hong Kong to up the ante 意大利顶尖跑手Carlini赴港决战MSIG SK50


 Italy's Carlini coming to Hong Kong to up the ante in Women's MSIG SK50 field

Based in Italy and training with the Salomon Agisko team,  Allesandra Carlini had a great season with a 3rd place at the TDS at the Ultra Trail de Mont Blanc among other races and is now confirmed to come to Asia for her first time to enter the MSIG Sai Kung 50 on March 1st.

Michael, Maddess asked her some questions:

1.    Any idea on number of marathons you have run over the distance of 42k?

This is my fifth year running and I run more or less 15 races over the distance of 42km.

2.    What's your plan this year?

This year I plan to run the Skyrunner World Series.

3.    As you do so many big long distance races (and in the mountains!!) how do you prepare to combat the challenges of injury that humble some of the best runners each year?

I try to prevent injuries by strengthening and stretching exercises at the gym, also alternating workouts of run to biking and swimming (I also do some triathlon).

4.    What are the biggest differences between racing in North America compared to racing in Asia?

I don't know because this will be my first experience in Asia...

5.    Have you ever had a running coach and what did you learn from them?    Which teammate or coach has taught you the most over your career?

The best things I learned from my teammates with whom I share the joys and sorrows. They have taught me that there is always a reason to go on, so you' ll never stop!!

6.    What is your typical race day routine?  Do you have any prerace superstitions?

I'm not superstitious.

7.    What is the one moment in your career that you are most proud of?

The third place at the TDS (Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc)

8.    Any other comments to encourage ultra runners to go the distance?

I hope that people are passionate about this type of racing because it allows to know themselves immersed in nature and appreciate beautiful places .. Trail makes you feel alive.


photo credits to: Augusto Mia Battaglia, Le Tracce de Paneb


意大利顶尖跑手Carlini赴港决战MSIG SK50

一直在意大利和萨洛蒙Agisko 团队一起训练, 并刚刚夺得TDS越野跑季军的Allesandra Carlini最近确认将要启程参与3月1号的MSIG SK50的比赛。

MSIG SK50大赛总监Michael Maddess对她进行了简短的访问:















我希望人们都热爱于这种类型的比赛,因为它能让我们沉浸在大自然,欣赏美丽的景色。 跑步让你感觉到自己的存在。