MSIG Double will punish and reward - MSIG Lantau VK & Lantau 50

As if running over 50km wasn’t difficult enough on Sunday some runners are attempting to do both the MSIG Lantau Vertical Kilometer (5km long race with almost 1000m elevation gain) on Saturday followed by the 50km on Sunday (over 3200m elevation gain) for a 2-day total of over 4200m of leg burning elevation. To add a little recognition there will be a bonus set up to reward runners that place in the top 5 overall Men and Women in doing both VK & 50km and runners that place in top 3 in the VK & 27km.

“Obviously if you rest for just the 50km you’re going to have a bit of an advantage in extra energy on race day, compared to those willing to do the MSIG Double (VK & 27km or 50km) whose muscles will be more tired after 2 days of racing, so it’s great that MSIG supports us in the same thinking of recognizing those that do both as the runners doing the MSIG Double are hard-core and some of the craziest and strongest athletes you’ll see in the mountains showing true passion for something they really love” said Michael Maddess the Race Director and Course Designer of Action Asia Events.


When asking Swedish Inov8 runner Anders Kleist (7 European uphill wins, Fjallmarathon winner, 1:05 half marathon record holder / other victories in Swedish trail races) what got him into trail running, he replied, “The feeling of being free and the possibility to get out without using your brain. After a day working by the computer running is the perfect lunch and after work activity” When asked what keeps Anders motivated when tired and you must keep up training, Kliest replied “The feeling that my competitors are probably even more tired. If I can push the limits when I am training I can push harder on competitions and I can feel my self-confidence grow”. Kleist will be one runner in Hong Kong this weekend to look out for even if he has been training in sub-zero temperatures in the snow.


Another runner who was just training in snow last week before starting his Asian tour with a new course record Sunday in Malaysia is Joe Gray (Scott Running) from Boulder Colorado, USA and current 2015 Mountain Trail running champion and record holder of MSIG Lantau VK 2014 will be back to try to defend his title and hopefully break his record. “I’m really excited about coming back to Asia as the people are so friendly and there is such a vibe in the Hong Kong trail running community as love it and hope to do my best at lowering the Lantau Peak record after breaking the Malaysia 18km mountain jungle course record last Sunday” said Gray who smoked last year’s Vertical Kilometer (5km from sea-level to summit of Lantau Peak) in an astonishing 37 minutes 45 seconds.


Francois D’Haene (Salomon) winner of the UTMB in France and UTMF in Japan will be one serious contender to keep an eye out for in the 50km & VK. But he’ll face competition from Swedish Inov8 runner Anders Kleist and another Swede Edvin Karlsson (nr 5th Kilian classic), together with Australian Vlad Ixel (North Face, Compressport) who grabbed 2nd recently at the MSIG HK50 and Kenyan Haron Kiprugut Bor (3rd MSIG HK50 and 4th MSIG Singapore 50) and Nepalese Bed Sunuwar who grabbed 2nd place HK100 & 2nd place at Trailwalker in 2013 and one of the top mountain runners out of Nepal the last few years, Gregory Vollet (Salomon) of France who grabbed 4th Lantau 2 Peaks and still one of the top downhill descent runners the trail running community has seen just to name a few that will be at the starting line together.


On the Women’s side from France coming to Hong Kong will be one mountain legend with a lot of experience under her belt. “I enjoyed this 2015 season with my victory at French Championship 2015, it was not easy but it was a great moment to win this title, I have 3 daughters and I wanted one title for each one…it’s done ! I know that I’m not in good shape at start of the season because I’m tired after Ski season (I’m ski teacher in French Alpine), world Championships were difficult for me with the high level.” Asked about training with children, Maud Gobert replied, “It’s not so difficult, it’s a question of organization. In winter I wake up at 5am to practice ski mountaineering before working. I’m back at home for the breakfast. After the ski season, I’m just mountain guide in summer, I’m just working few days. So I have time for training and for recovering. I do some bike in summer and mountain”. On the MSIG Lantau 50 event coming she replied “I enjoy discover new places and spots for trail running. I went in 2012 in San Francisco, and 2 weeks ago in Rodrigues Island. Trail Running is also an opportunity to meet people to see new races and have new challenge. I’m very happy to come to Lantau” said Gobert who was French Champion Trail Running 2015, 7th at the trail world Championship 2015, 4th at the Skyrunning Ultra World Championship 2014, 5th Skyrunning Ultra world cup 2012, World Champion Trail Running 2011, French Champion Trail Running 2011, 2nd French Championship Trail Running 2010, French Champion Trail Running 2009.

The MSIG Lantau VK (Vertical Kilometer) will begin at the Tong Fuk Beach and finish at the 934m Lantau Peak, the second-highest in all of Hong Kong on Saturday Dec 5th.
Three distances will be on offer Sunday December 6th at the MSIG Lantau 50 with a 16km course contouring the ridge from Sunset peak to Pak Mong, a 27km course going over Lantau and Sunset Peak down to Pak Mong and the 50km (actually over 53km on a gps) will be heading from Tung Chung to Ngong Ping and along the Keung Shan ridge down to the Shek Pik area and back over Lantau and Sunset Peaks before contouring around and down to Pak Mong before heading back for all 3 distances to Tung Chung for the finish at Man Tung Road Park. The 50km category is a very tough and technical course with over 3240m elevation gain and over 3259m elevation loss staring at 7:00 am with the 27 km staring at 7:30am and the 16km starting at 7:45am respectively.
The events could not have happened without the support of MSIG Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited, the ActionX Store, OtterBox, Bonaqua, Salomon, Key Sun Zinke, C3fit, Kitsound, Salonpas, Herbalgy, Pearl’s, Oldham Li & Nie Lawyers, AroundDB, the China Skyrunning Association, the Action Asia Foundation, Del Monte, Suunto, Redback, Berrytime, Herbalgy, Oregon Scientific, AroundDB and VR2HAM  Radio Club Hong Kong.

MSIG Double - VK & 27/50 bonus:
For the newly added Bonus, runners who are doing both MSIG Lantau VK and MSIG Lantau 50 will have a chance to win MSIG Double prize bonus this year.


(VK & 50) - The top 5 Men and top 5 Women based on combined overall finish times of the Dec 5th MSIG Lantau VK & Dec 6th MSIG Lantau 50km will be awarded a bonus at the awards ceremony on Dec 6th.
1.   HK$4,000
2.   HK$3,000
3.   HK$2,000
4.   HK$1,000
5.   HK$500

(VK & 27) - The top 3 Men and top 3 Women based on combined overall finish times of the Dec 5th MSIG Lantau VK & Dec 6th MSIG Lantau 27km will be awarded a bonus at the awards ceremony on Dec 6th.

1.    HK$3,000
2.    HK$2,000
3.    HK$1,000

Race Info
Event Name    MSIG Lantau VK
Date    Dec 5, 2015 (Saturday)
Start Time    9:00 am
Start Location    Tong Fuk Beach, Lantau, Hong Kong
Finish Location    Lantau Peak - then awards Ngong Ping campsite area near bottom of stairs (not far from Buddha)
Distance    5 km (+934m)
Category    Trail Running and Hiking

Event Name    MSIG Lantau 50 - HK50 Series
Date    Dec 6, 2015 (Sunday)
Start Time    7:00 am: 50 km
7:30 am: 27 km (going over Lantau Peak & Sunset Peak, contour of ridge to Pak Mong - Olympic Trail back to Tung Chung)
7:45 am: 16 km (no major peaks - contour of ridge to Pak Mong - Olympic Trail back to Tung Chung)
Tung Chung, Lantau, Hong Kong
Distance    16km, 27km, 50km
Category    Trail Running and Hiking
Registration Website

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MSIG HK50 2015-2016越野跑系列賽
Nov 08, 2015 - MSIG 港島50 - Hong Kong Island
Dec 05, 2015 - MSIG 垂直競速賽 Vertical Kilometer– Lantau
Dec 06, 2015 - MSIG 大嶼山 50 – Lantau
Feb 20, 2016 - MSIG 西貢50 – Sai Kung


各國精英跑手 拼戰MSIG 大嶼山站兩大賽事

MSIG 垂直競速賽 (VK) 及MSIG大嶼山50即將在 12 月 5 日(星期六)及12 月 6 日(星期日)舉辦。12 月 5 日舉辦的 MSIGVK賽事是近年來  風靡歐洲的項目,甚至被 Skyrunning World Championship 選為超級馬拉松熱身賽。 MSIG VK賽事完全按照國際標準設計,是對跑手肺活量極限的一大挑戰。是次大嶼山賽站的兩項賽事均吸引了來自世界各地的頂級跑手,已確認參賽的國際跑手包括︰
法 國的François D’Haene (Salomon) 、美國的Joe Gray (Scott Sports) 、肯雅的Haron Kiprugut Bor及 Rebecca Nakuwa、澳洲的Vlad Ixel (The North Face) 、瑞典的Edvin Karlsson (Team Nordic Trail)及 Anders Kleist (IK Akele)、尼泊爾的Bed Bahadur Sunuwar (Nepal)及 Bishnu Maya Budha (Nepal)、法國的Gregory Vollet (Salomon)及Maud Goibert (Adidas)。

 今年大會特設額外現金獎, 以鼓勵跑手們挑戰自己同時參加大嶼山50及VK賽事。在MSIG大嶼山50 (50km)及垂直競速賽的首五名總優勝者可分別獲得:
1.   HK$4,000
2.   HK$3,000
3.   HK$2,000
4.   HK$1,000
5.   HK$500

MSIG大嶼山50 (27km) 及垂直競速賽首三名總優勝者亦分別獲得:
1.    HK$3,000
2.    HK$2,000
3.    HK$1,000

作 為UTMB/UTMF的勝出者,並且擁有眾多獎項的法國頂尖跑手François D’Haene (Salomon) 已經確認參加MSIG HK50大嶼山賽事。 François D’Haene 豐富的比賽經驗證明了他在山地賽跑的速度驚人,實在令人期待他在大嶼山50的表現。
來 自瑞典的歐洲頂級跑手 Anders Kleist (曾獲得 Fjallmarathon 冠軍, 1:05半馬拉松記錄者還有眾多瑞典越野跑獎項)將和Kilian Classic排名第五的Edvin Karlsson一起為MSIG VK和MSIG HK50領跑。 常在零度以下的瑞典跑步的Kleist很期待大嶼山帶來的驚喜:「越野跑讓我感到放鬆。 整天在電腦前工作,跑步是最好的午餐和工作後的活動。我覺得我還能參加更高難度的競賽,如果可以在訓練時將自己推向極限,那麼比賽的表現也會更佳及更有自 信。」2015 山地越野跑冠軍和 2014 MSIG 大嶼山 VK比賽的記錄保持者的美國跑手Joe Gray亦將參與是次比賽:「對我而言,今年的每個比賽都是一樣的,我希望在山野間享受每一個景色,同時測試我的身體狀況。 每年這個時候在亞洲訓練和比賽是非常有益的,它讓我有機會去發掘新的山地,並且讓我在從來沒踏足過的國家賽跑。 在亞洲賽跑有助提升自己的能力,因為作為奧運選手的我很需要提升力量,而這正好是我能夠通過平地或山地馬拉松訓練所獲得的。」
而來自法國的跑手名 將 Maud Gobert 也決定前往大嶼山賽跑。 Maud Gobert曾獲得2011年越野跑世界冠軍及Skyrunning World Ultra 2014 in Chamonix的第四名,她表示:「我很享受在新的地點進行野外賽跑, 它讓大家有機會去見識新的賽道並接受新的挑戰,我很高興能來到大嶼山。」
目前MSIG 大嶼山50僅剩不足100參賽名額,報名從速。
「 MSIG VK 」和「 MSIG HK50 越野跑系列賽」由動感亞洲活動舉辦,榮獲 MSIG 三井住友保險冠名贊助, 並感謝(排名不分先後。 ) Action X Store、OtterBox、Bonaqua飛雪、Salomon薩洛蒙、Key Sun Zinke 、C3fit、KITSOUND、Salonpas撒隆巴斯、Herbalgy健絡通、 Pearl’s、OL&N、AroundDB、China Skyrunning Association、 Action Asia Foundation 、 Del Monte 、 Suunto 、 REDBACK 、 Berrytime 、 Oregon Scientific 、 Trail Running Association 和 QUALIFYING RACE 2016 的大力支援。


賽事名稱    MSIG HK50越野跑系列賽 –MSIG大嶼山垂直競速賽
日期    12月5日 (星期六)
開賽時間    9時
地點    塘福泳灘,大嶼山,香港
距離    5公里

賽事名稱    MSIG HK50越野跑系列賽 –MSIG大嶼山50
日期    12月6日 (星期日)
開賽時間    早上7時 - 54公里
早上7時30 分 - 27公里
早上7時45分 - 16公里
地點    東涌,大嶼山,香港
距離    16公里,27公里 和 54公里