Zao Asian Skyrunning Championship – VK and Skyrace

 Zao Asian Skyrunning Championship – VK and Skyrace

- Skyunners from the world will test their limits in Zao mountain range

     China National Team together with Philippines National Team at Zao Skyrunning Press Conference

    China Team - President of China Skyrunning Association Michael Maddess (1st left) Tsang Yinhung (2nd left),
                        Ran Qiong (3rd left), Yang Junhua (4th left) and Issac Yuen Wanho (5th left)

International athletes from Asia get together to enjoy their beloved mountain sport in Zao Onsen, famous resort village with hot springs in northeast Japan. Skyrunning was born in Europe, and it is growing rapidly and globally, even here in Japan. The more runners run in remote and high mountains, the more Japanese athletes show their capabilities in international events.

ZAO Skyrunning is the first Skyrunning event in Japan, entitled as Asian Championships by International Skyrunning Association (ISF). National teams from China, Korea, Philippines, and Japan will run the races with prize money of 980 thousand JPY in total.

Both Zao Vertical Race and Zao Skyrace 28k will meet international standards of Skyrunning, and are for experienced athletes. In addition, ZAO Skyrunning will have races less technical but with magnificent view from mountains, as well as junior and youth races. For those next generations, this event is to experience the sport. Zao will the festival of Skyrunning in Asia this weekend, with help of more than 120 local volunteers.

China Team - Ran Qiong, Yang Junhua, Yuen Wanho and Tsang Yinhung - arrived in Japan and had a morning training run by Tokyo Imperial Palace in Tokyo on September 8 before heading to Zao. Yang Junhua and Yuen Wanho will compete in both the VK race on September 9 (Saturday) and the Zao Skyrace on September 10 (Sunday), while Ran Qiong and Tsang Yinhung will battle it out with elite Skyrunners at the Zao Skyrace.

Training run in Tokyo - Ran Qiong(left) Yang Junhua (right)