ISF announces 50 World Ranking races

Mont-Blanc 80k. ©Gaetan Haugeard


The ISF announces the 2013 World Ranking with 50 races selected from 14 countries and four continents which, at the end of the season, will establish the world’s 100 élite athletes in the three disciplines:  Sky, Ultra and Vertical.


The élite ranking is based on a consolidated formula also used in other sports but for the first time, adapted to mountain courses.  The formula also comprises an exclusive ISF algorithm which takes into consideration factors such as the number of élite athletes participating and the winners’ advantage over the other top finishers.


The three best results in each category are counted with a correction factor for races with at least five élite athletes from the current year’s ranking present.  The fifty 2013 ranked races are based on:  20 Sky, 20 Ultra and10 Vertical races that fit into these categories.


In January, the ISF published a first list of élite athletes based on the analysis of the results of the most significant races in 2012 in twelve countries in three continents.  At the end of the season the 2013 élite ranking will be published and, in 2014, the goal is to include one hundred races.


The ISF 2013 World Ranking represents the first major step towards an instant panorama of the world’s top races and élite runners – an indispensable tool for athletes, organisers and sponsors alike.

See the 2013 World Ranking races here: 20 Sky, 20 Ultra and 10 Vertical